It's a new tool for an old as natural solution:

  • - The carpooling allows you to optimize the use of private cars reducing that 66% used by solo drivers. With a little effort the current traffic could be halved.
  • - It is estimated that only a small part of the 'solo passengers' has the real need to use their own car. Most of these prefer the car to public transport because they consider it the fastest alternative.
  • - The disincentive factors to carpooling are historically two: mistrust (try hitchhiking to believe) and the difficulty of matching paths. A tool is needed to promote carpooling by solving these issues
  • - AutostApp is the tool:
    •     - it compare passages offers and request with a spatial algorithm and return the matching routes where user can choose the best fit
    •     - Provides the management of scheduled trips to both drivers and passengers and allows on-the-drive booking by simulating hitchhiking
    •     - It allows the knowledge of traveling mates and to race in safety thanks to a high level of user identification

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