It is the best place for you to find and order delicious home-cooked food made with love! On this platform, you choose from a variety of cuisiness and menus and have many mouthwatering treats delivered to your doorstep!
Cookfu Cusomer app allows user to check out cuisines and menu's uploaded by the chefs available in theri area. 
User can select the food, select quantity, select day and time of delivred, favorite the item, etc.

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Restro/ Chef App:

Cookfu Restro/ Chef app allows any Restaurant or individual allows to upload their item whaterver thay can cook.
They just ned to upload a short detaols, image and price of the dish. That set. Peopele will order their food and they will notify with order details to be deliver.

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  4. Order Deliveries
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  7. Add Item
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  15. Bank Details

Delivery App:Cookfu delivery app is not delivery personas who pick a orders from chef (cook) and deliver to a person who ordered the food.
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  3. List of Deliveries
  4. Delivery Information
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To know the details of the app, divided into three applications - user, restaurant and bellboy - take a look at the landing page!