LSM is the multilingual platform that guarantees excellent remote preparation. Teachers easily prepare lessons for courses with text, audio, pdf, video and create easy-to-evaluate tests. LSM keeps all users and visitors updated with latest news and article with blog and allow users to discuss and share among themselves with interactive forum. It easily manage pages with advanced CSM.

Main elements:

  1. Interactive Dashboard: Curated dashboard for all the roles
  2. Internal Messaging: Interactive chat to communicate internally among teachers
  3. Payment: Supports paypal and stripe also provides offline payment method
  4. Detailed Documentation: Easy to understand and well demonstrated documentation
  5. Multiple Layouts: Different Homepage layouts as well as customization
  6. Multilingual: Supports translations in multiple languages
  7. Advanced Site Manager: Easily manage pages, menus, sliders, testimonials, faqs, footers and other sections
  8. Newsletters supports user subscription using mailchimp and sendgrid
  9. RTL: Clean and dedicated RTL support
  10. Multicurrency: Switch to major available currencies
  11. Certification: Award certificate on course completion and verify authenticy of any certificate


  1. User Management: Create and manage users with different roles
  2. Role and Permission: Create different roles and great them permission
  3. Site Debugger: Keep eye on your site. Check what went wrong
  4. Translation Manager: Create and manage language files
  5. Backup to Dropbox: Create application and database backup to Dropbox
  6. Easy Updates: Install theme updates easily and get latest theme features
  7. Social Login: With Google, Facebook and Twitter
  8. Involcing: Built-in invoice generator for user as well as admin
  9. Lead Manager: Manage leads with ready setup of sendgrid and mailchimp