Be Safe In

The app compatible with all devices, which will allow you to start living your daily life again, but in safety. 
Be safe in” was born with the aim of being able to better manage your routine, whether you are a business manager or a customer. The cornerstones on which this application moves are in fact the incentive for economic recovery of activities and the guarantee of health safety, both for owners and customers of the establishments. Given the difficult situation in our country at the moment, and beyond, locals are led to observe strict rules, rules that have often created significant economic complications. 
The number of seats allowed inside a room have halved compared to before the health emergency and, consequently, also the collections. “Be safe in” finds the solution to this problem, as it allows managers to indicate in real time the number of seats available, to book them and, by establishing a maximum service time, guarantees a continuous rotation of customers. In this way, everyone will have their own seat and can enjoy their date in the place they prefer, in total safety. In the same way, the managers will be able to guarantee both the safety of the customers and their own, thus avoiding to face sanctions or worse penalties. 
Obviously, the app copes with any eventuality: what if a customer doesn't show up? No problem! The owner will be able to indicate in a very short time new availability in his / her restaurant. The application is available on all stores and can be downloaded for free, with subscriptions at a negligible cost for all types of clubs, such as Bars, Restaurants, Pizzerias, Pubs, Nightclubs, Museums, Exhibitions, Libraries, Swimming pools, Gyms, Theaters, Cinemas, bathing establishments etc. In short, "Be safe in" is the app for everyone, which will allow you to regain the serenity that was on the agenda a few months ago and that we all deserve.