In today's rapid paced and regularly changing world where technology and technological progressions set the pace; having a web presence is vital and synonymous with victory. In a world where everybody, from a musician , a designer, an ambitious writer, an entrepreneur to a small business or a multinational has a special web existence; having a website for your business or company  is vital and may very well spell the difference between success or failure. When people or future clients, having access to a excess of information just at the touch of a button. A company’s website sets it apart from the others; enabling it to stand out from between the crowd. No longer can a website be treated as simply a web address; with a '.com' after the name of the company.
As a web developer,
Easyray offer much more than the basic and simple web design services to its customers. Easyray web design service department, includes corporate branding ,graphic designing, , logo design, flash animation and print, work together to give its customers feature-rich web based applications and web sites. We develop sites for public administrations, restaurants, e-commerce, dashboards to data analyzing, company management systems etc. everything for the web. With huge design and developmental skill and experience in Linux and Microsoft based technologies, our experience in web development and web design spans a variety of industries. Aimed at developing natural, graphically attractive web sites we succeed to efficiently communicate the customers’ advertising message. Together with highly-operative websites in support of social networking interfaces, commerce and online sales, business messaging, as well as dynamic web-based applications developed to support a customer's business rules to serve end-user expectations.

Easyray’s web solutions include:

  • *Detailed identification/analysis of web site/application Mission Statement.
  • *Quality code development with DHTML,XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript (Active Server Pages),PHP, AJAX, Flash, Flex, and Action script.
  • *Cross-OS User-Centric  web/interface development
  • *Compatibility/ cross-browser and ADA/Section compliance.
  • *Search Engine Optimization which contains keyword rich body content,  meta content, search engine friendly navigation and site map elements.
  • *Fully interactive Web 2.0 Compliant Design and Development.
  • *Graphic Designs.
  • *Animations.
  • *Slide Shows.
  • *Graphic Tutorials.
  • *Shopping Carts.
  • *Hand coded HTML.
  • *Forums, Blogs, Social Networking Interfaces.
  • *Website Evaluation Service.
  • *CSS(Cascading Style Sheets).
  • *Search Engine Optimization.
  • *Submitting to Search Engines.
  • *Submitting to Directories.
  • *Submitting to Directories.
  • *Search Engines Friendly Drop Down Menus.
  • *Spam Protection for client's e-mails.