On 30 November 2023, in the Sala della Regina of Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome, the ninth edition of the "100 Italian Excellences" Award of Excellence was held, organized by the cultural association Liber, in collaboration with the publishing house Rde and the contribution of official partner Csa.  

Easyray was invited for having contributed to the greatness of those who transformed the extraordinary into consolidated realities. To receive the award, Eng. Antonio Raimondo, founder and CEO of Easyray, included among the hundred high profile personalities, important organizations and successful companies, who have distinguished themselves not for a single meritorious action but for their entire history as leading protagonists in the life of the country and who, with their work, have achieved prestigious results in their respective fields.  

The ceremony-event, presented by the journalist and TV presenter Alda D'Eusanio, enjoyed the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, eleven Ministries and three other institutional bodies, as well as the introductory greetings of the Vice President of the Chamber, Giorgio Mule. Various specific areas are represented among the stories: the academic world and scientific research, institutions, professions, applied sciences, sport, entertainment, information, the Third Sector. Among the companies, those found to be innovative and sustainable in their respective sectors stand out in terms of number: pharmacology and health, environment, energy, culture and cultural heritage, tourism.  

Easyray thanks you for the honor received and will continue to proudly deserve this important recognition.