By popular demand, Easyray has finally created and launched its own shop, an Easyray-branded merchandising, full of original and tempting products for technology lovers.
Our store offers a wide range of clothing and gadgets, decorated with impactful images and writings, witty or otherwise, for yourself or as a gift to someone. From the technology-loving dad, who hopes to instill his passion in his children, to the boy who hopes to impress by wearing a t-shirt with a binary code. From girlfriend looking for a gift, romantically nerdy, to her half, to the gift of old friends who have now resigned themselves to the idea that IT is their only, great love.
Mouse pads, mugs and hats. Bags, sacks and backpacks. T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and tank tops. For men or women, for young and old.
In short, a shop dedicated to fans of this world that is waiting to be discovered.
Try and you won't leave it again, word of Geeks and Nerds!