Easyray receives with great pleasure the recognition assigned by Enterprise World Magazine which has included us in the Hall Of Fame Edition 2021, among the most appreciated customers of 2021!

The Enterprise World, is a business magazine, a platform for all entrepreneurial minds to share their success stories.

The business world is never constrained and we see changes in it every day. The Enterprise World, with its general topics for each month, brings new and changing business trends, market growth of a particular industry, news from the corners of the business world. It also covers news on changing government reforms and growing the customer base in a particular industry, which can give start-up owners an idea which market to target.

The Megazine brings the stories of many successful businessmen and their obstacles in building an empire, newbies to the business world can find inspiration and perhaps even solutions to some problems. Even small industries can find a way to climb new heights. Not only will the interviews and their stories tell you how to reach new heights, but you can also learn different and efficient ways to run a business. With an opportunistic approach, you can learn how to build a solid foundation.

The magazine has over 60,000 readers worldwide, including president, vice president, president, CEO, founders.

With several editions each month, such as the IT industry, the healthcare industry, the education industry, the magazine will feature the success stories of people from the corporate world and their exclusive interviews.  

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