Business magazine The Enterprise World has chosen Easyray as the best of the 10 Creative Mobile App Development Companies. We thank all the members of the magazine for this award and take the opportunity to get to know it better!

The Enterprise World is a platform that tells the realities and obstacles that many businessmen have experienced and overcome, to become successful figures at the head of large or small empires, forced with effort and talent from the very foundations. By publishing several editions every month It dedicates to various sectors and applying this popular approach, as well as allowing the highlighting of promising companies ready to reach new and ever higher peaks, The Enterprise World also gives the opportunity to make the voice of smaller realities that until now have remained unheard and to take inspiration from those who have already managed to emerge in their field. What can be said with certainty is that this magazine recognizes and stimulates talent, whether it is a start-up or an already significant company. The Enterprise World suggests that business success can be cultivated through the application of the 3 Rs of marketing: Reach, Refine and Redefine; which are "translatable" and summarized in having good exposure channels for your product, an excellent knowledge of your audience and continually reinventing your promotional strategies. The Enterprise World is therefore constantly evolving and growing, thus managing to focus each time on the newest and most changing business trends. For all this (and much more) we are proud that they have indicated us as winners of this award.

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