ProntoPro is the first site in the sector for the number of users and connects demand and supply of both professional and artisanal jobs. Over 1,000,000 customers have already used this portal to search for professionals and companies among the 500 categories available in the most diverse fields: home craftsmen, IT experts, event professionals, teachers and operators in the world of personal well-being .

ProntoPro makes the professional's research and evaluation processes immediate thanks to customer reviews, thus generating a widespread increase in the quality level of the market. It boasts more than 400,000 registered professionals and is the reference point for the service market in Italy.

Well, ProntoPro wanted to chat with our CEO & Founder, Eng. Antonio Raimondo, to highlight Easyray's business, by including the interview on their website as a leading professional in its sector and in the province of Pisa.

Happy to have been chosen, thank you.

Read the interview: