Corporate Vision, a British digital platform, gives us the Excellence Awards "Best International Sotfware Development Agency 2020", one of the most prestigious awards we could aspire to. The magazine has decided to give the company this Award reserved for those who are committed every day to innovation, the growth of their business and the supply of new products that are increasingly cutting-edge and inherent in an increasingly wide range of sectors. All this thanks to performance appraisal, industry experience, customer testimonials and previous awards.
Winning an International Award and representing Italy, in Europe and in the world, is a great satisfaction for us, especially in a year so full of problems and with an uncertain future. This award underlines how fundamental and supportive digital progress can be. Information Technology has many merits of support: from resuming businesses to distance learning, from bringing people closer to easy needs, from shortening distances to entertainment. And we are particularly happy to have helped with all of this.  

Corporate Vision is published monthly on its digital platform with the aim of providing in-depth functionality from across the global corporate world. Launched with the aim of improving business practices across the board, it focuses on highlighting advances in the areas of human resources, marketing, coaching and recruiting. To put it simply, they shed light on the best business experts, those who help build, through creativity and expertise, methods to develop a more productive and efficient world of work.
Corporate Vision represents the opportunity to help accelerate a company's process to reach higher levels, in new and advanced ways.  

At Global Media he launched Corporate Vision to recognize and celebrate companies around the world, all those who strive, every day, to improve themselves. It features companies that innovate, grow and thrive despite challenges and uncertainty. After all, success is based on being agile and thinking ahead.
With a targeted worldwide reach of over 155,000 business leaders and experts, Corporate Vision remains a vital resource for those who want to stay up to date and informed on the latest business news. Their monthly magazine serves as a guide and networking tool to help with future success.
Corporate Vision is provided by AI Global Media, a B2B digital publishing group founded in 2010. The group currently has 13 brands in its portfolio that include publications focused on luxury lifestyle, construction, healthcare and small business.  

We extend a proud thank you to the magazine! This is just a starting point towards ever-increasing improvement.

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