One of Easyray's long-standing goals is to focus on innovation and keep up with it.  

Nothing, more than, is constantly evolving, and it is stimulating to introduce new processes and “rejuvenate” development systems in trend even just a few months earlier. For this reason we are particularly pleased to have been included among the 20 most innovative companies of 2020 by the American Global Smart Leaders LLC, an online community in Georgia (USA).  

Global Smart Leaders LLC, all in one name!  

Their name is a significant part of who they are and what they stand for. Its two parts, "Global" and "Smart Leaders", define two equally important aspects of their platform. The first part denotes the ability to reach a global audience to make an impact with a compelling story, the second represents our vision to foster the best intelligent leaders who want to share their ideas, and success stories, with everyone, throughout the world.

Global Smart Leaders LLC is an online platform and social network for US and international entrepreneurs that offers small business owners and executives highly targeted media exposure through their print and online magazine. Their goal is to connect companies in the United States and around the world, so that they can strengthen each other and create powerful participation initiatives.
The platform aims to promote these companies, building a credible and successful image, thus allowing them to reach the minds of people, from simple enthusiasts to experts in the sector. It carries out extensive selection work and only encourages those companies that can not only make a difference thanks to their innovative solutions, but above all are not commanded by a boss but led by a leader, because there is a huge difference.
Global Smart Leaders LLC has allowed the birth of a global communication network through which all high-level executives can make their voices heard and discuss, as well as draw inspiration from other pillars of the business market. This platform is constantly growing and currently has around 50,000 bosses including CEO, CTO, CFO, CMO, VP and other C-level executives.
In this particularly delicate moment for the internal world, we have realized how technology and all its comforts are useful, if not necessary, for everyday life. Precisely this has allowed Global Smart Leaders to notice a company like Easyray, rewarding it for its ability to shape technology following the trends of 2020 and thus improving people's lives even in those aspects that are often taken for granted. Easyray aims to highlight its customers and their ideas by providing a starting point through website programming, mobile applications, management and lasting project support. The company is constantly looking for innovative technologies which, over time, have made it possible to expand the fields of research and development. The desire to learn, to grow, to continuously innovate, to achieve results that seem impossible and to amaze the world are the five factors that have allowed the company to stand out among all the others and to be among the top twenty innovative companies of 2020.  

Thanks to the Global Smart Leaders who allowed us to emerge among the many pillars of information technology!  

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