The experience gained in the animal world, with our "Petdate" and "Easy Dog" apps for example, attracted the attention of La Repubblica which, in the "Focus Animali" insert, talked about us. Technology also at the service of 4-legged friends and the whole "family", for the care of their well-being and their enjoyment - from the veterinarian closest to the playmate - for a more joyful and healthier life!

"The Pisan company Easyray, led by Antonio Raimondo, has always stood out for its research of cutting-edge technologies to be applied to business software. Easyray specializes in mobile App creations and has often found itself operating in the world of four legs. For example, veterinary centers of excellence have required professional management solutions to better organize their working life. This reality of excellence has also created applications that are particularly useful for pet owners. Among these we find PetDate, with which registered dogs living in a certain area can be easily found, in order to weave new relationships with those who own a dog. The walks in the company of the neighborhood will become a wonderful pastime and a moment of rest from the daily routine. Another interesting app is EasyDog. By geolocating, it is possible to find out where the most useful services are located, such as veterinarians, groomers and pet sitter. If you are in a little-known location, perhaps during the summer holidays, it can be really convenient to navigate on EasyDog and find what you need for your pet. "

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