Augmented Reality

When we discuss about Augmented Reality (AR), it alludes to any technology that permits us to see the present world with extra information, so we can say that AR “increases reality.”

 In Easray, we have expertise in implementing augmented reality systems that let our clients to add worth to their services or products, improving the experience of user.  Our products have a extraordinary level of innovation, due to our experienced artificial vision experts and our Augmented Reality technology.

Here are some fields where we work:

  • Campaigns Advertising: 

  • We do advertising campaigns for big media impact over AR(Augmented Reality). It will definitely get the attention of your clients and you will be capable of exposing highly detailed your products more certainly. Augmented Reality gives chance to companies to be well known in a very different style. Now-a-days, there are many of big companies that uses AR in their advertising campaigns, but everybody can do it! Just contact us and we will give you the information you required, you will be amazed!

  • Augmented Flyers and Leaflets

  • Presently, the brochures and flyers cannot attract clients and they usually ends up in the waste. You can hold off this situation by including Augmented Reality in its advertising and you will get attention of people and information will reach them, for much less cost than flyers or brochures own. 

  • Guiding Services: 

  • GPSin is an Augmented Reality interior guidance system that can be modified to use in any building, such us hospitals, government buildings, underground stations , big offices… Discovering some way or another around for you has never been easy!

  • Products Presentation: 

  • In Easray, we suppose that Augmented Reality will be a main technology in the future for tourism. But we don’t have to wait for future, our tourist applications are an opening to the future that we can use and enjoy currently.

  • New Sale Techniques:

  • Suppose that a guide could find the products that you have to buy in mall or in a supermarket, that could offer personalized offers and do it in your language. Thanks to computer visualization and augmented reality, there are new advertising techniques to sell our products. For an instance, a buyer could point with his mobile to our product and could see a 3D game, so if you get a specified score the app might give him a discount. There are many new opportunities in the field of marketing related with new technologies. Call us and discover all we can do to increase your business sales and much more then that....