Embedded Systems

As end-user ever increasing demands drive the requirement for more efficient, intelligent, consistent and interconnected products, embedded software is progressively resort to enable improvement, innovation and flexibility. The rapid increasing significance of embedded software as a differentiator, joined with increasing product complexity and recurrent release cycles, generates lot of challenges for the companies.

Easyray offer a variety of embedded software development services to turn your design into a entirely functional system.

By taking benefit of Easyray’s professional expertise in the software and hardware interfacing, your skilled engineers can concentrate their efforts on application-specific, higher-level software to create your product unique and perfect.With a lot of experience and knowledge in developing embedded software solutions, we know the business and technical issues at the core of your system and can develop embedded software to run consistently, reliably and with high performance on your selected hardware. We are most appropriate to develop your embedded software.

Our skill, knowledge proven procedures and tools deliver exceptional quality, reliability, consistency and speed of delivery to our clients.We are developing applications for a wide variety of technologies, systems and languages, such as:

  1. VxWorks applications (user space and kernel space)
  2. VxWorks Board Support Packages
  3. software for POS
  4. VxWorks Device Drivers (including the new vxBus architecture)
  5. VxWorks Middleware and low level librarie
  6. Software’s for NFC Smart Card
  7. PocketPC/Win32 applications
  8. Embedded Linux applications
  9. Embedded Linux device drivers
  10. Embedded Linux boot loaders
  11. Embedded Linux Board Support Packages
  12. COTS VME/cPCI/PC104/PMC technologies or custom built hardware.
  13. Firewire IEEE-1394, Ethernet, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429, RS232/485 UARTs, HDLC and CANBus
  14. Safety Critical Systems up to SIL3
  15. Customized development and debugging tools
  16. Test harnesses and test scripts
  17. Digital Signal Processing algorithms and micro kernels
  18. MISRA-C compliant applications
  19. C/C++, Java, Ada, Tcl, Assembler
  20. x86, PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, TI, Sharc