Web Development

Customized advanced technology solutions in full compliance with the best SEO practices.Internet is a key tool to communicate with customers and to create a meeting point with the potential ones, because more and more people choose websites for gathering information about a company, a product or a service.The site represents the company online, therefor it’s more than an opportunity for visibility, it’s the virtual identity card of your business: it tells who is the company, what does it do, and above all: why is it the best in its field.
 A professional web site has to:
    • Promote the brand online, providing clear and endearing information, with adequate communication to the target audience. 
    • Generate new business opportunities by attracting the right visitors

Easyray offers a full service of creating a customized and high quality web site, which brings you the results that you want to achieve in the sort and in the long term. We follow all the stages of the project from the beginning to the end, in order to be sure of the final results.
 Analysis of the needs and objectives The first stage of creating a website requires a thorough analysis -whether if it’s about the prospective or the customers’ need – in a way that is going to be able to offer a solution that is as close as possible to the ideal solution.
 The choice of the type of the website that we are about to create is the first step, and maybe the most important one if you want to hope for the success of the online presence and a return of your investment.
Programming and web development to develop with easily implemented and accessible programming languages is a priority that keeps an enormous flexibility for a future development of the project online. The result is going to be a site that uses the best technology currently available on the market and thanks to the perfect formatting in HTML 4/5 and CSS is going to be readable by all the browsers (including mobile phones) and search engines.
Contents and web writing to think, to write and to optimize the contents of your website for the search engines is a secret weapon in indexing, and it enables to transform simple messages into commercial actions for your visitors.
 Your site will be full of texts, images and other contents. The only thing that we ask is to go through with these materials as soon as possible: your Advisor will be always on hand to give you useful tips to make the contents better and better. Among the advanced features, you will be able to choose to buy the Content Manager which gives you autonomy in creating and editing the texts, images, and pages.
Maintenance, upgrades and development By the simple showcase of the agency, the site now is a real and right tool of the corporate work, and as such, it must be improved periodically in order to follow whether the changes in the business or the new technical opportunities.
Easyray develops your site using the newest programming tools and technology platforms (Microsoft .NET for the dynamic sections, Microsoft SQL Server for the information, Macromedia Flash for the graphic animation sections, etc.) and hosts sites on your – or on a third-party server. Easyray creates several types of websites: 

  1. Static and Dynamic website
  2. One-page or Multi-page websites
  3. Showcase websites, Corporate websites and Microsites
  4. Responsive and Mobile-optimized sites
  5. E-commerce websites
  6. Blog and CMS (where you are free to change the contents alone)
  7. Restyling and upgrading the existing websites
  8. Customized cross-browser solutions and W3C standard compliant

The process involves the definition of user experience, the information architecture, the flow of navigation and the definition of interface, in a continuous process of evolution.
Our team can create for your company a customized and turnkey software; each software is designed to suit your features and issues and able to help you to manage your business easier, creating a faster and simpler method that saves you time, money, and improves the performance.We start from analyzing the requirements and your company’s workflow and observing and understanding the business process in your specific case, in order to optimize them according to ICT (informatization, system integration, e-business) and to enable savings and activities that were not possible before.The informatization of the datas end business processes will result a reduction in operating costs because it enables to:

  1. Reduce time of production and data sharing
  2. Simplify the procedures
  3. Optimize the storage space 
  4. Save resources
Software Development

It is evident the importance of this type of service, and the reason why this software that provide these services are real work tools and essentials in achieving business objectives.Having a solution that is customized to the needs and working processes often means savings in terms of learning time and the speed of execution.Usability, accessibility and user-friendliness of the system are the keywords that are always present in our projects.