Mobile Application

At Easyray besides designing and implementing multi-platform mobile sites, we pay particular attention to the development of mobile applications since internet browsing is shifting more and more from desktop platforms to smartphones and tablets. 

Therefore, it becomes essential for every kind of activity, not only designing the company site according to the responsive standards -in order to make them usable by the mobile- but also to obtain a specific APP, which is able not only to convey the promotional message, but also to provide its customers a direct access to the services offered. The best-known brands have an official application and they take their profits in terms of reputation, brand awareness, the extension of customers - so therefore the turnover.

Creating a web application, you will generate new possibilities for your company, and thanks to that you will be able to carry out activities that previously were impossible to do (the data management that was unmanageable before, the statistics productions and business analysis that was impossible before, and the total control of personal and company processes.

Depending on the sector of the company, on the amount and type of data and on the processes-to-manage, we will develop an effective and efficient web application that will make a difference. It will always be displayed correctly regardless of the devices or the operation system, thus offering the users an optimal experience. The goal is to provide your users a unique experience of entertainment and to satisfy their needs.

In order to get a complete mobile experience, Easyray develops your application for the iOS platform, Android and Windows, following step by step all the necessary stages until the publication of your content on the stores.

We don’t stop at developing the web application: we will start from the analysis of the needs and the workflow at your company in order to create the software more suitable to its characteristics and issues. And once, we have created you the best web application that is possible, we will teach you how to use it. 

Seeing the vastness of the catchment area of Apple store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store, an official application that is thought out well, functional and usable may represent the company, therefore a winning idea to reach your target widely and varied. There are already many business owners and individuals who have decided to turn to us for the development of their applications, relying on the professionalism and efficiency of our team that is always up-to-date and ready to take advantage of the latest industry trends.

Our applications are ideal to launch your brand in this area: an intuitive interface, easy to use, but elegant and refined enough to leave a mark and it has it all that is needed for the optimal running of the program. No more problems with managing and coordinating: the administration panel -which is configured differently depending on the type of the app- gives you a complete control over the contents: you can freely modify and integrate them.

 Moreover, Easyray will take care also of the alignment between the already existing site and your new app by connecting the database, this way there is no data lost!