IT System Administrator

In computer systems, the System Administrator is that professional figure who takes care of maintaining, managing and updating the operating system of a machine, or more generally to keep the software and hardware equipment at a structural level. This is a very important and often underestimated aspect: the inefficiency of computer systems is often caused by poor maintenance of the same and poor (if not non-existent) documentation.  

The system assistance allows to keep the computers and programs in full efficiency, so as to obtain maximum performance. The role of the Systems Administrator is therefore to manage, at the infrastructural level, the good governance of the hardware and software of the system so that they function correctly and that the set of services offered by the information system can be provided in the most efficient manner possible to users (quality and availability of service).
Our Systems Administrator are highly certified and deal with a highly practical problem-solving activity. They are specialized in the management (development and maintenance) of systems such as desktop computers, servers, mainframes, computer networks, network design and cabling, and so on.

The technical skills of our Systems Administrator are:      

Ability to diagnose various IT environment issues
In-depth knowledge of computer networks (network protocols, routing, firewalls, etc.) 
    • Great knowledge of hardware components, in particular server hardware architecture 
    • Ability to analyze the software and information flows existing within the infrastructure 
    • Management and resolution of customer problems 
    • Installation and configuration of client and server operating systems 
    • Ensure data security and access to IT systems 
    • Data backup and Data recovery plans 
    • Knowledge of virtualization systems   

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