IT Training Courses

Our computer training courses are divided into two levels:  

-  IT Level 1 is a basic computer course for beginners. You will cover essential computer and internet skills. The introductory course offers students the assistance of practicing using computer operating systems. They use graphic design applications, spreadsheets and the Internet. Students practice using the tasty commands and formatting material to facilitate reading and learn to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create moves, spreadsheets and text documents. -       
IT Level 2 is a computer science course for adults that improves their IT skills, obtain a nationally recognized qualification, to demonstrate their IT and Internet skills or to specialize in the workplace.

Our courses prepare students for a variety of jobs, from basic jobs such as data entry to more integrated positions such as web applications, advanced graphics and programming languages. The courses are held at companies (to specialize employees) and vocational training schools. The computer application courses include a final exam and professional certificates.
Some programs are mainly focused on the operation of basic software such as Microsoft Office, while others are focused on more intermediate and advanced topics are provided by HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Graphic Design software such as Adobe InDesign and the use of Adobe photo editing.

Courses in computer applications generally deal with the following topics:   

Creation of text files and spreadsheets
• Image and data management
• Using the Internet
• Work with web design programs
• Desktop publishing
• Graphic design
• Spreadsheets and updated
• Computer languages ??and programming  

In detail, our training courses are: 

  • AJAX Course - Web 2.0 applications based on AJAX with ASP, ASP.NET and PHP
  • Web 2.0 applications - Based on AJAX with ASP, ASP.NET and PHP
  • Administrator Course - For creating and managing Windows computer networks
  • ASP Course - Complete course for creating dynamic websites
  • ASP Course from Zero - Learn Microsoft ASP and VBScript from scratch
  • ASP and Access Course - Management of a MS Access database with ASP
  • ASP.NET Course - Complete course for creating web applications
  • Course C# - Create applications in the.NET environment with the sharp C language
  • C ++ Course - Developing complex software with C ++ and Code: Blocks
  • Course Create App for Android
  • Course Create App for Windows Phone
  • CSS Course - Stylize websites with CSS and CSS3
  • HTML Course - The markup language of web pages
  • HTLM5 Course - Creating last generation web pages
  • Java Course – OOP - Programming in Java SUN environment
  • Javascript Course - Create web pages and interactive user interfaces
  • Joomla! Course - Create websites using Joomla! 3.x
  • JQuery Course - Create client-side applications with the jQuery framework
  • Linux Course - Complete guide to the open-source system
  • MS Excel Course - Create spreadsheets and calculation sheets
  • MS SQL Server Course - Manage databases with Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL Course - Open-source database management
  • OpenOffice Course - Open-source office work management software
  • PHP Course - Create advanced dynamic websites with PHP and MySQL
  • Ruby and Ruby On Rails Course - Create software and applications with Ruby and ROR
  • SQL Course and Database - Creation and management of professional databases
  • Ubuntu Course - Let's learn to use the Ubuntu Linux open-source operating system
  • VB.NET Course - Implement Desktop applications with Visual Basic.NET
  • Visual Basic Course 6 - Create Desktop applications with VB6
  • Visual Studio Course - Develop Windows applications using Visual Studio
  • Web Design Course - Webdesign and Responsive Web Site Design
  • Web Marketing Course - Promotion sites, search engines and Marketing
  • Advanced Webmaster Course Become a professional Webmaster!
  • Basic Webmaster Course - Create a website from scratch: the basics of the Webmaster
  • WordPress Course – Create sites and blog with WordPress
  • XML Course - Creation of XML, XSL and other eXtensible languages  

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