Project Management

All-round web service
A differentiated range of services and all of our experience is the answer to your needs.Convert the traffic on your website in order to increase the value of your business: New Clients every day!

Easyray is an internet company at your services. Our team is able to realize a complex web based software, to simplify the work of the companies and is always accessible from the internet to all of the stakeholders (staff, customers, suppliers, etc.).
GET ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS AND ACHIEVE YOUR BUSINESS OBJECTIVES a shared and linear path, where we define together the corporate goals on the web, analyze the target market and find the best solutions in order to reach new customers. It all starts with establishing your business goals and define the most effective web marketing plan for your specific case, that will contain all the necessary steps by which you can take advantage of the potentials given by the Internet.

Our web agency will help you to expand and strengthen the relationship between the company and the potential clients by the site structure that makes the navigation easier for the users and multiplies the value and the ranking of the company on the net.

Every company has to know very well its target market, form an audience, differentiate and integrate with it actively in order to defeat the opponents. We will analyze your customers and clients and we’ll help you defining your targets and identifying the strategy. To find the right audience within your target market we will choose together the best keywords for your business.

According to your specific needs, we will execute all of the necessary communication activities to promote your business online: 

  • SEO and SEM optimization strategies approved by the standards of Google for the webmaster
  • increase the number of visitors to your website
  • plan the online advertising
  • manage the contents of your site
  • Social Media marketing activities, and manage the information flow within the vast network of the Social Media
  • direct email marketing which can engage and retain your target audience
  • boost your online reputation

To obtain the maximum return of your investment on the web, we will submit every activity to a verification of effectiveness with detailed reports, documents of the analysis of access and conversions on your site (web analytics) and we will share it with you. This way improving the starting strategy is always going to be possible which is useful to obtain a greater efficacy over time and every single activity of the web marketing is going to be under your control, its costs and its results.