QuichWash app is an on-demand Laudry and dry cleaning app that delivers clean clothes at the tap of a button.
Services like washing clothes, ironing clothes, or dry clean of the clothes can be book with this app.
Main File contains well optimised code for Laundry user app & Laundry delivery app, documentation about how to installation guide and well organised PSD for both user & delivery app.
It is complete package for one place laundry solution for sure.

  1. Sing in
  2. Sing up
  3. Forget Password
  4. Home
  5. Cloth List
  6. Task Selection
  7. Selected Clothes
  8. Order Review
  9. Address Selection
  10. Pick up Date & Time
  11. Delivery Date & Time
  12. Payment
  13. Account
  14. Terms & Condition
  15. Notifications


Quick delivery app is an app for delivery boys to get delivery boys to get delivery and pick up orders and get to know about delivery info such as delivery address, delivery items, date & time, etc.

  1. Job Assigned 
  2. Job Completed
  3. Oeder Details
  4. Cloth List
  5. Earnings
  6. Cash Collected
  7. Notifations 
  8. Account
  9. User Profile
  10. Change Paasword
  11. Contact us
  12. Terms & Conditions